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The Encyclopedia of Law was created to be a central, one-stop resource for everything related to law. Our primary goal is to provide a steady stream of current, informative, and credible information about law and related fields to enhance the professional and creative lives of legal practitioners and those exploring law, including the general public. Our content is driven and created by an impressive roster of experienced professionals who work in all areas of the law and cover the field from diverse angles and perspectives.

Estate Law

Estate Law

Estate Law for Attorneys in the United States

Help clients maximize their estate planning benefit with these essential tools

The Estate Planning entries in the Encyclopedia of Law provide you with the necessary tools to help your clients retain their accumulated wealth for retirement and estate planning purposes.

Estate Law entries and resources coverage includes:

  • Guide to Estate Planning, a quick-answer resource covering the most-pressing estate planning topics.
  • Estate Planning Dictionary, an easy-to-understand explanations of complexestate planning issues.
  • Multistate Estate Planning, organized by topic for all 50 states to assist your clients in any jurisdiction.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Guide, a well-regarded reference for in-depth analysis of complex tax laws and all estate and gift tax forms—geared to minimize estate and gift taxation.
  • Estate and Retirement Planning Answers, in easy Q&A format, providing insights and strategies to help your clients with the preservation of wealth for both retirement and estate planning.
  • Title 26 – Internal Revenue Code.

Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment Law in the United States for Lawyers

Minimize risk with trusted guidance and proven strategies

The entries about Employment Law in the Encyclopedia of Law covers employment contracts, covenants not to compete, employee benefits, employee dismissal, employment policies and immigration law. You’ll have every side of the issue presented, representing employees and employers, litigation and transactional matters.

The legal Encyclopedia covers federal law and all 50 states and includes these topics:

  • Employment Law Answers, with the latest laws, analysis and guidance on age, racial and sexual discrimination, privacy rights, internet and email use, sexual harassment and other issues – clear, concise answers to key questions in employment law.
  • Employee Dismissal Law, with invaluable insights for evaluating and litigating a wrongful discharge case.
  • Immigration Law in the Workplace, written for American companies and their counsel, covering the issues to stay in compliance with U.S. federal immigration laws.
  • Drafting and Revising Employment Policies, with content providing the guidance needed to develop, implement, and enforce effective employment policies.
  • Employment Relationships Law, with expert analysis and practice pointers pertaining to state and federal employment laws and recent trends in case law affecting the employment relationship.
  • Covenants Not to Complete Guide, with practical resource for forming, drafting and implementing sound non-competition agreements, complete with ready-to-use documents and individual clauses that can be customized for specific needs.
  • Covenants Not to Compete
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Civil Rights in the Workplace

Business Torts

Business Torts

Business Torts in the United States

Protect your clients or company from costly litigation and plaintiff awards with our comprehensive one-stop online legal resource for commercial litigation research.

The Encyclopedia of Law provides quick access to recent developments, analysis, statutes and court decisions for commercial tort actions.

  • Business Torts entries to keep you on top of key business tort decisions and new doctrines in this fast-changing area of law.
  • Business Torts in the Fifty States, covering statutory and case law developments for all 50 states plus D.C., to help you quickly assess the merits and pitfalls of litigation in any given jurisdiction.
  • Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions entries, a comprehensive analysis of qui tam provisions, whistleblower rules and civil false claims regulations to assist you with case preparation and litigation.
  • Civil RICO entries, taking the litigator through all aspects of RICO-based litigation—from the complaint through trial and appeal—supplying essential caselaw, forms and models.

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company

Draft and fine-tune LLC operating agreements and master all legal and tax aspects of the formation process with unsurpassed analysis and easy-to-use online tools.

Limited Liability Company information for Attorneys in the United States

The Limited Liability Company Law entries and resources provide focused, step-by-step LLC guidance on drafting operating agreements and practice tips on completing applicable forms. Coverage also includes LLC tax laws and forms at the federal level and for all 50 states, as well as LLC and partnership laws for all 50 states.

The Limited Liability Company Law entries and resources offer coprehesive coverage from practicing experts, including the following about the topic:

  • Entries about the drafting of Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, identifying the main stages of the LLC formation process, complete with tips and possible risks, an overview of many significant LLC cases, and forms and instructions for all basic agreements and contract clauses.
  • Entries and resources about the Federal and State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies, offering comprehensive tax law resource analyzing every applicable revenue ruling, private letter ruling, revenue procedure, tax advisory memorandum, IRS notice, Treasury regulation and federal court case.
  • Entries about the State Limited Liability Company legislation, covering applicable laws in all states and including practice guides, statutes, official forms and annotations for each state. Published under the auspices of the ABA Business Actions’ Committee on Partnerships and Unincorporated Business Associations.

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

Build a better personal injury case from beginning to end.

Personal Injury Law

The Personal Injury Law entries and recourses of the Encyclopedia of Law provide quick and easy online access to our extensive collection of personal injury pre-trial and litigation forms including sample demand letters, interrogatories, motions, complaints and cross-examination guides.

Whether you are involved in multi-state tort litigation or must initiate or defend a case in an unfamiliar jurisdiction, you’re covered with our analysis of case law, statutes and procedures for all 50 states. The Personal Injury Law entries and recourses of the Encyclopedia of Law include, among others, these essential resources:

  • Guide to Tort Law, a Fifty-State Compendium, a indispensable guidebook providing succinct summaries of laws and citations to answer vital questions about each state’s tort laws.
  • Information about Personal Injury Procedures, providing case management tools at every step, from initiating the case to post-trial and appeal.
  • Entries and Guides about Workers’ Compensation, an arsenal of ready-to-use resources, techniques and tips—including expert insight, sample proofs, cross-examination guide and digests of federal and state statutes and case law.
  • Entries about Malingering and Deception in Litigation, offering guidance for presenting and defending against malingering evidence, including sample questions.
  • Entries about Medical Records, with a practical step-by-step guidance to help you interpret and use medical records to your best advantage.
  • Entries about Expert Witness, some of them focused on information on new trends relating to the topic of admitting and effectively questioning all types of experts at trial.

Product Liability Law

Product Liability Law

Online resources to quickly and easily determine merit of product liability in a personal injury case and maximize settlement offers.

Product Liability Law for Attorneys in the United States

The entries and resources about Product Liability Law in the Encyclopedia of Law ensures you are prepared for all aspects of product liability/personal injury litigation, from the first client interview to settlement.

The entries and resources about Product Liability Law in the Encyclopedia of Law offer concise, quick-reference guides to quickly make an initial assessment of strengths and weaknesses of your case across jurisdictions. Dig deeper to determine the statutes of limitations for all 50 states and the standards of proof required in each state to establish breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability and the standard of care.

  • Entries about the Preparation of a Product Liability Case, with information and analysis for handling a product liability case from beginning to end.
  • Entries about the Product Liability Case legislation, with the law in all 50 states organized by product type to more quickly identify the most relevant and current decisions likely to affect your case.
  • Information about the Product Liability caselaw, with immediate access to the most recent statutory and case law developments for all 50 states and D.C., with variants noted for each state.
  • Entries about Product Warnings, Defects and Hazards, offering analysis of key definitions to better prove or defend, capture evidence and litigate a defect case.
  • Scientific Evidence entries.
  • Information about Malingering and Deception in Litigation, providing guidance for presenting and defending against malingering evidence.

Licensing Law

Licensing Law

Structure the most lucrative and secure licensing agreements with time-saving expert analysis, forms and checklists.

Licensing Law for Attorneys in the United States

The Licensing Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law deliver valuable strategies, practical cautions and proven tactics to maximize the benefits for your clients while minimizing their risks.

It’s quick and easy to access analysis, sample agreements and checklists – all you need to ensure day-to-day profitability of license agreements. Our Licensing Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law deliver includes comprehensive topics, including:

  • Licensing “quick reference”, organized to help you structure agreements and protect your licensing interest, with analysis of trends from experts in their field
  • Drafting License Agreements, to deal quickly and effectively with today’s most complex licensing issues, coverage includes sample clauses and provisions, full-length model license agreements, practice-tested approaches to drafting critical license provisions and practical advice.
  • Licensing Agreements, offering the critical tools needed to draft, negotiate and finalize licensing deals, including sample agreements with explanations, in-depth analysis and authoritative discussions of current issues.
  • Licensing Royalty Rates, to help calculate the right royalty rate every time, detailing rates for products and services in art, celebrity, character and entertainment, collegiate, corporate, designer, event, sport, nonprofit and music.
  • Licensing entries, providing in-depth, practice-oriented licensing guidance from top attorneys in intellectual property, computer technology and entertainment law, containing valuable strategies, cautionary tips, and creative approaches to structure secure licensing deals.


Internet Law

Internet Law

Streamline your legal research with instant access to six industry-leading resources in one online library

Internet and eCommerce Law for Attorneys in the United States

The Internet and E-Commerce Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provide the expert guidance and practical tools you need to draft airtight internet contracts and licensing agreements and litigate cases.

You’ll find analysis of state and federal law governing e-commerce, thorough glossaries and dictionaries defining industry terms, plus downloadable forms and checklists for drafting agreements. The E-Commerce Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law coverage include:

  • Entries about Law of the Internet, demonstrating with extensive information how courts, legislators and treaties expand traditional law into the new context of the internet and its commercial applications.
  • Resources about Drafting Internet Agreements, offering a comprehensive collection of annotated forms for every area of internet practice, supplying more than 30 sample agreements.
  • Entries about Multimedia Law, providing, from expert authors in the field, reliable analysis of law and practical, how-to advice to help you avoid pitfalls while maximizing the value of intellectual property.
  • Entries about Computer Law, reviewing cases, statutes and newest developments about this topic.
  • Entries of Law of Electronic Commerce, with guidance about to the implications of communications technology for commercial law and transactions, including new cases, statutes, proposals, commentaries and model laws.
  • Entries about Technology Law
  • Internet Law Dictionary, a reference explaining more than 1,00 legal and technical terms about internet law, legal doctrines, acronyms and jargon, backed by legal precedent.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Successfully handle Intellectual Property disputes with this online resource.

Intellectual Property Law for Attorneys in the United States

This online legal encyclopedia offers time-saving, practice-proven forms, checklists and explanations to help you effectively litigate your next intellectual property dispute with ease. You’ll find it’s packed with insightful analysis, expert guidance and clear, practical examples.

  • Trademark and Copyright Disputes entries, offering a helpful guidance, organized in the sequence of a litigation process, starting with the complaint and ending with appeals, covering virtually every area of copyright and trademark litigation.
  • Guide to Intellectual Property, a key resource that explains the law of trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and patents, ideas, and non competition agreements. It covers what’s new.
  • Entries about the TTAB, taking you step-by-step through the entire Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) process.
  • Entries and resources about Protection, Enforcement and Licensing of Trademark Law, approaching trademark law from a fully integrated legal and business perspective.
  • Entries about Registering Trademarks, trying to minimize your research time and help you prepare trademark issues with confidence.
  • Entries about Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies, which focuse on the substantive law governing remedies and strategies for obtaining them in intellectual property litigation.
  • US Trademark Trial & Appeal Board in the Caselaw Portal, with easily search opinions, precedents and both published and nonpublished decisions delivered through the present.



Successfully present or defend an insurance coverage case with practical guidance, forms and samples.

Insurance Law for Attorneys in the United States

Whether you are representing the insurance companies who are trying to deny coverage or the corporate policyholders who are seeking coverage under the policy, the Insurance Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provides you with the necessary tools to best litigate disputes.

The recent increase in insurance claims has led to an increase in disputes between insurance companies and their insured. Our comprehensive Insurance Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law prepares you to represent either side with these exceptional resources:

  • CGL Policy entries and resources, offering aplain-language analysis of complex points of the CGL policy language and case law, focusing on issues where the terminology is subject to more than one interpretation.
  • Insurance Coverage Litigation entries, guiding you through all issues confronted in the insurance coverage litigation process with extensive analyses of case law, sample CGL forms, and charts with state-by-state comparisons of law.
  • Entries about  the Policyholder’s rights and obligations in relation, among other issues, with the Law of Insurance Coverage, providing practical strategies and insights from practicing experts on a wide array of insurance issues, including general liability, environmental, toxic tort, product liability, and first-party property.
  • Litigating Insurance Coverage entries and resources, offering novel approaches and effective tools for managing comprehensive coverage disputes, including pleadings, forms and sample motions with applicable drafting tips, guidance and general rules.