General Litigation

General Litigation

Practical guidance and tools to quickly and easily navigate all stages of the litigation process.

General Litigation in the United States

You’ll find trial tactics and procedural tips from practicing litigators and industry experts, along with forms and checklists – all in one searchable website.

The entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law about this topic include:

  • Deposition entries, based on professional experiences, guide discusses objectives, strategies, tactics, mechanics and problems in taking depositions
  • Discovery Practice, a trial-tested guidance through every stage of the discovery process.
  • Electronic Discovery regulation and its practice, a first single-source group of entries offering clear, concise analysis of electronic discovery with a focus on practical application
  • Evidence Rules entries, a comprehensive yet easy-to-use group of recourses about the federal rules of evidence and their state counterparts.
  • Judgment Enforcement entries, an essential guide on the judgment enforcement process from discovery to execution.
  • Jury Selection entries, offering expert analysis of jury selection law and scientific methodology with specific courtroom applications to select a fair-minded and unprejudiced jury.
  • Malingering and Deception in Litigation entries, which offer guidance for presenting and defending against malingering evidence, including sample questions.
  • Motion Practice entries, offering practical, expert advice on pretrial, trial, post-trial and appellate motions.
  • Voir Dire Questions, providing focused coverage on this important step in jury selection to determine the suitability of prospective jurors.
  • Witness Preparation entries, offering general techniques of witness preparation and how to prepare for trial testimony.
  • Expert Witness resources, providing guidance on new trends relating to the topic of admitting and effectively questioning all types of experts at trial.

Family Law

Family Law

Family Law for Attorneys in the United States

Draft effective documents to protect your client’s property and custody rights or maximize your client’s award

The Family Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provides the guidance and tools needed to address the gamut of family law matters—including prenuptial agreements, asset valuation, child support and custody, and divorce settlements.


Our coverage in this area of law are discussed, among others, in these insightful entries and resources, authored by recognized leaders in the field to interpret changing perspectives in family law.

  • Drafting of Prenuptial Agreements, a pragmatic approach to quickly and effectively prepare successful agreements in any situation by identifying and grouping together the common issues/concerns.
  • Property Division in Divorce Proceedings
  • Valuation Strategies in Divorce, with focused coverage on valuing assets
  • Value of Pensions in Divorce,  with focused coverage on valuing assets
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order, with resources in order to draft QDROs promptly and accurately, including QDRO models, drafting guidelines, expert tips and compliance checklists.
  • Family Law Fifty State Guide
  • Guide of Child Support, with interpretation and application, step-by-step guidance through interpretation and application of child support, with clear explanations of issues that can affect calculations.
  • Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions, offering effective examination and cross-examination strategies to reinforce or question testimony of psychological experts.
  • Family Law Trends, highlighting the latest trends and techniques for representing clients in divorce and custody cases.

Evidence Law

Evidence Law

Evidence Law in the United States

The Evidence Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provides coverage of all evidence federal and state rules, with expert analysis and links to related cases. Changes to this area of law have implications for attorneys in every practice area, making the Evidence Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law the perfect complement to our General Litigation entries and resources content.

Evidence Law entries and resources of the Encyclopedia of Law provide practical guidance on such evidence law issues as admissibility, relevancy, privileges, witnesses, hearsay, scientific evidence and expert testimony:

  • Guide of Evidence, a comprehensive online authority on rules of evidence (federal and all 50 states) and the common law, providing analysis and links to related cases.
  • Scientific Evidence, a how-to guide for preparing your scientific information for trial, getting it into evidence and finding an expert
  • Dictionary of Evidence scientific terms
  • Destruction of Evidence entries, with analysis of the laws governing destruction of evidence as well as procedural issues, from discovery sanctions and the spoliation inference to routine destruction and appellate review
  • Evidence Practice and Rules, about entries the litigators need for citing cases, justifying objections and supporting offers of proof, planning litigation strategy and analyzing or weighing evidence.
  • Evidence Experts Guidance

State coverage includes:

  • Connecticut Evidence
  • California Evidence
  • Illinois Evidence
  • Texas Evidence
  • Massachusetts Evidence
  • New York Evidence
  • Pennsylvania Evidence

Elder Law

Elder Law

For Lawyers: Current, comprehensive coverage from one source to effectively represent the rights of the elderly

The Elder Law entries of the Encyclopedia of Law helps you provide solid advice to elderly clients in the areas of special needs trusts and planning, Medicaid eligibility, access to public benefits, and estate and trust planning. Topics include:

  • Representing the Elderly Client: Law and Practice, providing in-depth analysis, case law, forms and practice tips for each key practice area, as well as step-by-step explanation of the advocacy process.
  • Elder Law Forms, with key forms and documents for the elder law practice, with time-saving guidance on how to manage and draft them.
  • Elder Law Answers, with quick answers to commonly asked questions on elder law issues, such as long-term care, estate and retirement planning, healthcare decision making, and the right of the elderly.
  • Social Security & Medicare Answers, covering new developments and addressing key questions that arise under Social Security and Medicare.

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Defense

Drunk Driving Defense in the United States

Practice-proven strategies that help you mount a successful defense

Today, due to recent changes in legislation and blood alcohol-testing technologies, building a solid defense for your client is more difficult than ever.

The entries about Drunk Driving Defense in the Encyclopedia of Law offers instant access to and easy searching of the Drunk Driving Defense topic, written by recognized authors.

Considered the standard in the field, Drunk Driving Defense provides hard-hitting strategies and techniques at every step to increase your odds of success.

Current coverage of the topic includes tactics to:

  • Increase the odds of success at the administrative license suspension hearing
  • Use pretrial discovery and suppression motions to weaken a case or get it dismissed
  • Discredit field sobriety tests using leading-edge techniques
  • Use newly-developed voir dire strategies to help lay the foundation for a solid defense and a powerful jury summation
  • Strengthen your case using recent developments in breath, blood and urine analysis

Construction Law

Construction Law

One source for in-depth analysis, forms and practice tips to best represent any or all parties involved in a construction project.

The Encyclopedia of Law covers it all—bidding, drafting contracts, financing and litigating construction disputes. It offers detailed guidance and pertinent forms on such timely issues as determining liability and attaching liens.

Whatever your client’s role in the construction process—owner, architect, contractor or subcontractor–this insightful treatise library has the answers.

Construction Law in the United States

Topic coverage includes:

Construction Law Handbook, plain-English practice tips from an unrivaled panel of construction industry professionals, including architects, engineers, attorneys, accountants and consultants.
Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms, in-depth discussion of all phases of construction litigation—including pre-trial, claims, trial, appeals, settlement and releases—complete with checklists and forms.
Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts, providing instant access to all documents in use throughout the construction industry, including amendments to AIA, AGC, EJDC and Consensus DOCS for owners, architects and contractors—with modifications that strengthen the language on behalf of your clients.
Fifty State Construction Lien and Bond Law, state-by-state guide to the unique procedures and proper filing and follow-through of bid bonds, payment bonds, performance bonds and mechanics’ liens—including forms.
Forms and checklists are pulled from the following treatises for easy searching:

Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms
Fifty State Construction Lien and Bond Law

Business Practice Law

Business Practice Law

Business Practice Law in the United States

The practical analysis of the business practice law entries of the Encyclopedia of Law helps make tax laws for various business formations easy to understand, so you can best assist your clients whatever the stage of their business.

  • Choosing the Right Business Entity, discussing the tax-related advantages of various types of business formations such as LLC, S-Corp, Partnership, etc.
  • Limited Liability Company & Partnership Answers, in a question and answer format describing how to form and protect your LLC, LLP and FLP to meet certain requirements.
  • Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, step-by-step guidance to negotiate and draft LLC documents, concentrating on form 10.1 (the model operating agreement).
  • S Corporation Taxation Guide, focusing on the rules of Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Financing Start-Ups legal issues, providing, in the entries and FAQs, strategies for financing companies of all sizes, answering questions like how much do you really need, whom you should ask and how to put a business plan together.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Successfully plan and negotiate to close more real estate deals with instant access to step-by-step guidance, strategies and forms.

Real Estate Law for Attorneys in the United States

The entries and resources about Real Estate Law in the Encyclopedia of Law ensure you are up-to-speed with constant legal and regulatory changes that can impact every phase of a real estate deal. It offers instant online access to what you need to prepare commercial lease agreements and handle disputes arising between real estate brokers and buyers and sellers of residential real estate.

Our entries and resources about Real Estate Law in the Encyclopedia of Law include, among others, these essential resources:

  • Entries and guides about Commercial Real Estate Transactions, with forms, clauses and checklists for use in all types of real estate transactions.
  • Entries about Commercial Real Estate Leases, with the law in all 50 states organized by product type to more quickly identify the most relevant and current decisions likely to affect your case.
  • A 50-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases, providing immediate access to statutes relevant to commercial leasing in each of the 50 states.
  • Entries about the Law of Title Insurance, including clause-by-clause analysis of the standard title insurance policy with more in-depth discussion of all significant new and leading cases.
  • Entries about the Law of Real Estate Brokers, which offer sensible guidance you can use in your daily practice, assessing broker liability issues to help you confidently represent your clients.
  • Entries about Environmental Liability and Real Property Transactions, offering guidance to managing risks of environmental liabilities in real property transactions.

Trial Practice

Trial Practice

Gain an edge at your next trial and sharpen your litigation skills.

Trial Practice in the United States

The entries and resources about Trial Practice of the Encyclopedia of Law deliver quick access to vital litigation information, checklists, strategies and trial examples—all fully searchable.

The entries and resources about Trial Practice of the Encyclopedia of Law deliver offer invaluable content detailing all stages of the litigation process, including:

  • Pretrial information, with clear, concise overview of preparation techniques for pleading and pretrial steps, including helpful sample litigation files, checklists and commonly used citations for reference.
  • Entries about Trial Evidence, exploring methods, strategies and tactics for effective use of evidence in a trial setting and the application of evidentiary rules.
  • Guidance about Trial Techniques, with practical advice and abundant examples, illustrating strategies for opening statements, jury selection, witness examinations, exhibits, objections and more.
  • Entries about other Trials topics, such Trial Strategy, Trial Skills and Trial Persuasion, offering insights into trial theory and practice, with emphasis on the jurors’ perspective on the importance of the opening statement and visual presentation at trial.

Alphabetized List of Categories

Alphabetized List of Categories

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