Topical Guide

Topical Guide

Main Entry: Topical Guide in the Legal Resources Portal.

Main Topics

Introduction to law

Civil society
Legal institutions
Binding precedents
Legal remedy

Legal systems

Legal systems
Legal systems introduction
List of country legal systems
Common law (including islamic law)
Civil law legal system: general law of obligations (including contracts and tort), canon law, socialist law and other legal subjects
Canon law
Sharia law

Law by source

Sources of law
Precedents of past judicial decisions (stare decisis)
Statutory law
Black letter law
Constitutional law. See also Constitution
Constitutional court
Sources of international law
Customary international law
Legal treatises
Civil law jurisdictions

Branches of law or legal subjects

Public law (constitutional law, administrative law and criminal law)
Private law (contract law, tort law and property law)
Substantive law and adjectival law: Substantive law and Procedural law
International law
Constitutional law
Criminal law: Criminal law (penal law) and Criminal procedure
Civil law: Civil law (common law), Common law, Civil rights, Family law, Civil procedures, Contract law, Property law, Trust law (in Estates Planning law) and Tort law (see Personal Injuries).
Administrative law: Administrative law and Code of Federal Regulations
Religious Law: Canon law, Canon law (Catholic Church), Apostolic constitution, Papal rescript, Sharia law and Jewish law

Laws by scope

International law
Public international law
Conflict of laws (private international law)
Supranational law
European Union law
Federal law (U.S. law)
State law
Local law

History of law

Legal history
Babylonian law
Ancient Greek law
Roman law
Early Germanic law
U.S. history of law

Philosophy of Law

Natural law

Legal theory

Economic analysis of law
Sociology of law

Legal profession

Legal firms
Legal firms practice management
Legal firms marketing

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